a-squared HiJackFree

a-squared HiJackFree

Emsisoft HiJackFree is a detailed system analysis tool
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a-squared HiJackFree is a system analysis tool for detecting and removing malware and other threats by scanning all existing programs running, connecting to the internet, etc. It can also detect malware that installed itself in the form of ActiveX controls.
The program not only gives you a detailed list of what is running on your system, but also tells you everything about the program including, but not limited to, the developer, the version and its date. It gives you the options to terminate the application, delete the original file, save a copy of the file and even to quarantine the file if it can't be deleted.
Another useful feature is the services list. The program not only gives you the installed services but also the hidden ones that occur at boot-time or during shutdown. This is extremely useful for advanced users, but if you don't know exactly what you are doing, then you may do some damage.
The autorun tab gives you the list of all the programs that startup with Windows. It even scans the most frequently exploited and the least used registry keys so that you can stop the malware before it runs.
The ports tab shows you a list of applications using, watching or blocking any ports on your system. This is useful for blocking malware that uses uncommon ports to do some damage.
The quarantine tab contains a list of all the applications you quarantined and the others tab contains miscalleneous tools such as explorer add-ons, ActiveX controls, etc.
Overall, this program is good for users that want total control of their system. But note that if used carelessly, you may damage your Windows installation.

Fabian Enos
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  • Scans even the least used autorun registry keys
  • Gives detailed information about processes
  • Can find some malware
  • Can scan ActiveX


  • Only free for personal use
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